ESI Lab Test #212B – Lines and Shapes and Metal Converge

Posted August 2, 2013

Lines and Shapes and Metal Converge

In this lab test, we were trying out an idea for an interior design concept. The concept was for a lighting source made up of a series of shapes extending through space created by LED shafts housed in metal with thousands of holes. Maybe.


We wanted to see if a 360-degree light source could be produced with this industrial, metallic design. What we show here is the rough prototype of the LED shafts that would be the light source.




Once we decided on a test light source, we started putting metal in front of the LED. The crux of the trials was to test the density and power. The question was whether or not the light could shine through and how? Would our 360-degree source shine through this or that diameter of cut metal? What colors create the most compelling experience?


Stacking and layering the LED shafts let us see how a metal-faced enclosure would be lit internally and externally. The perforated sheet metal worked in terms of emitting light. But the next step would be to take it on-site and create an in-place mock-up.


We basked in the flow for a while then took it down.

Experiment, constructed, tested, complete.


Emily Webster

Emily Webster is an award-winning Designer and Senior Audiovisual Technologist at ESI Design. In her role at ESI, she oversees large media architecture and institutional projects for single and multi-purpose spaces. On all projects, she specializes in integrating audio and video technologies seamlessly into architecture, always seeking to answer the question, “What is the best technology for the given experience?”

Emily is extremely hands-on. She explores applications for weaving technology into the built environment through experimentation in ESI’s lab-like setting but is equally as comfortable in strategy sessions as she is with commercial-grade hardware or with a table saw.

Her notable clients and projects at ESI include the Studio Xfinity experience store for Comcast, The PNC Beacon for PNC Bank, eBay Main Street, the Statue of Liberty Museum, and many properties for Beacon Capital Partners.

Outside of ESI, as a Technologist, Producer and Artist, Emily creates immersive, media-rich environments for theater, film, dance and permanent installations, focusing on the artistic use of technology at an architectural scale. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado and a Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Before coming to ESI, she worked for WET Design, David LaChapelle, the Independent Film Channel, and artist Jim Campbell.

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