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At ESI Design we combine unique skill-sets and diverse perspectives. We know that a good work-life balance ensures that we are constantly bringing new ideas and experiences to the table so that we can continue to innovate and learn from each other. If you are an insanely curious, life-long learner who wants to work with a group of diverse minds to create unique solutions for incredible clients, please consider joining our team.

Senior Interaction Designer

The designer will be responsible for developing, documenting and communicating ideas for interactive, immersive experiences that weave physical space, digital tools, and social programs into engaging activities.

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Audio Visual Technologist/Designer

The Designer will be responsible for supporting design teams in developing creative, innovative solutions and novel technological platforms that are robust and are seamlessly integrated into the overall designed experience.

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Production Manager

The role of Production Manager at ESI works closely with all members of the design team, architects, general contractors as well as with the client to ensure proper infrastructure and site coordination.

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Physical Designer (Architectural Designer / Exhibition Designer)

A primary role of the Designer is to create architectural visualization – 3D modeling, renderings and drawings.

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Benefits & Perks


If you’re going to change the world, it’s important to explore it and 4 weeks of vacation makes that possible!


If you have a wild new idea for a client, you can try it in our innovation and prototype lab.


We believe in sharing the diverse skills we have in our office. Grab a snack, a drink and share what you know.


We focus on feedback, development & progression so you can continue to grow in your role.


Our light-filled studio has a great NYC location nestled between Union Square and the Flatiron Building.


Get rewarded when you reach out to your network and help us find the right person for the job.


We celebrate birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, and foreign travels with snacks, singing, and cheer.


Regular happy hours where we Plink (Play+Think) with a drink in our hand are how we wind down at the end of a busy week.


You’ve got to be well to do well. You’ll get ample sick time and contributions to gym membership and medical insurance.


“I visited ESI for the first time when I was studying at FIT with my exhibit design class. I liked ESI Design straight away. When we left the office, I looked at my teacher and said: I want to work here. 5 years later, when I joined the company, she reminded me of that moment.”

“Installing the media and software at Wells Fargo Center, Denver, CO.”

“It's impossible to narrow it down to one moment.”

“I recently helped make a rat cart for a game we designed for Figment.”

“Working on 745 Atlantic Avenue where it took me a month to work on the map design!”

“When the whole company took the day off and we went to watch the Yankees play.”

“Eating a Chinese feast with our partners at the end of a huge install. It was a pretty epic feeling working with a great team to accomplish a great project."

“Installing the facade lights mockup on the roof of the Columbia Center and barbecuing salmon 700 feet in the sky over Seattle.”

“Meeting with Mormon Elders in Salt Lake City with Steve Briganti when working on Ellis Island.”


Sneak peek: A new interactive watercolor-inspired digital artwork in San Francisco that’s a lot of fun!

Video credit: @sarahjaynemakes
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Thanks to @hi.ting_feng for taking great photos during the media install. Posting this one to my account because I like it so much. Can’t wait for the project to open to the public in Glendale CA! #esi #esidesign #esipeople #glendalecalifornia #glendale #california #publicart #sounddesign #esionsite

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Happy holidays from your friends at ESI Design! #esipeople

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