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Beacon Capital Partners brought on ESI Design to create two cohesive, yet distinct, “boutique” buildings. A strong graphic identity makes the buildings stand out, from each other and from their surroundings.

The high-impact design makes the buildings more inviting for current tenants and stand out to prospective ones.

Beacon Capital Partners had just rebranded 400/450 North Brand Boulevard as “the center of it all,” but the buildings were indistinguishable from each other and from similar properties in the Glendale, California, neighborhood. Beacon wanted to differentiate the complex by creating two cohesive, yet distinct “boutique” buildings.

ESI Design created a color and photography story for the complex that gave it a strong sense of place—honoring its location, assisting visitors with wayfinding, and confirming it as “the center of it all.”

ESI assigned each building an identifying color: orange for 400 North Brand and blue for 450 North Brand. These colors accent the exteriors of the buildings, the courtyard, the garage and respective lobbies. Photographs of historic Glendale and the surrounding landscape, sourced from local public libraries, appear throughout the complex.

A highlight of ESI’s strong graphic identity design is the lenticular panels that flank the breezeway linking the garage and the courtyard. When tenants and visitors travel from the garage, they view the building numbers and identifying colors; when they travel to the garage, they see photos of the nearby Verdugo Mountains and historic Glendale.

In the lobbies, ESI updated the furniture, rugs, and security desk, and on the walls we framed oversize photographs in custom colored shadowboxes. We also refreshed the courtyard with new furniture and umbrellas that are color-coordinated with the building.

The result is a relatively low-cost, high-impact design that makes the buildings more inviting for current tenants and stand out to prospective ones.

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"400/450 North Brand Boulevard "offers a top-notch live, work, play environment for tenants and is a cornerstone asset for a real estate portfolio."

Tom Bohlinger

Executive Vice President
Jones Lang LaSalle

two cohesive, yet distinct boutique buildings

25-foot-long lenticular accordion hallway

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