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After serving a single tenant, L’Oreal, for more than 30 years, the lobby of 575 Fifth Avenue was reimagined by ESI Design to appeal to multiple tenants and to capture the vitality of the surrounding neighborhood.

The transformation brought high-tech elegance to the the lobby and a new brand identity to the building.

Beacon Capital Partners turned to ESI Design to transform 575 Fifth Avenue from a 2,350 square-foot single tenant lobby to an exclusive, professional property for multiple tenants.

Using elegant design, high-end materials and data-driven media architecture, ESI brought the energy and grandeur of New York City inside. The textured, Bianco Carrera marble wall treatment fuses classical sophistication with energy and movement. A ribbon of LED screens wraps the walls and columns, appearing as a horizontal slice taken out of the building that allows tenants to see through the walls and out to the metropolis beyond.

ESI designed custom media that is a mixture of beautiful, cinematic videos and animated infographics, ensuring that it stays dynamic and interesting for tenants who see it multiple times a day. The media modes include:

*MARKET WATCH, in which the endless squares of lit-up windows in the Manhattan skyline form a graph of recent stock market information.
*LOCAL EVENTS MODE, which features photos from top New York City cultural destinations and continually updates tenants with information about sporting events and other local happenings.
*NEWS MODE, which builds wordclouds from the feeds of international financial news outlets like The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times.

Read ESI Design’s press release about the media architecture at 575 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Design Lead Michael Schneider talks about the design for 575 Fifth on the blog.

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“The content takes the frenetic rhythm of the streets and finds unexpected vignettes where people and the city come together in an almost choreographed manner.”

Michael Schneider

Senior Designer & AV Technologist
ESI Design

192 square feet of media