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The museum shows the skills, thrills and legacy of college basketball through interactive exhibits that put visitors into the heart of the sport.

A high-energy interactive experience puts fans “inside the game” of College Basketball.

The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) wanted to create an entertainment venue that would capture the spirit and the action of college basketball and further engage and expand their lifelong fan base. ESI designed the College Basketball Experience as a full-bore, hands-on-the-ball, game-centered immersion experience that invites visitors to step out of their role as fans and know the game like never before.

In an example of interactive exhibit design, visitors can get out on the court to take shots, try out their dunking skills and show off their footwork at a host of stations. Then they can climb into the booth and take on the role of Announcer in the Media Lounge. The thrill of the crowd and the pace of the clock are experienced through team and individual stations.

The College Basketball Experience is also home to the Gallery of Honor, the only Hall of Fame in the country dedicated to men’s college basketball. The College Basketball Experience is in the moment and of the moment–as the game plays on across the country new content is collected from schools, coaches, players and fans and the experience continues to evolve.

Learn more or take a virtual tour at the official College Basketball Experience website.

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“CBE is the first major facility of its type to celebrate the sport of men’s college basketball; a game beloved not for glamour or wealth, but for the passion of its players, the support and participation of its fan base, and the bond between coach and players.”

Kevin Henderson

The College Basketball Experience

celebrated 10 years in 2017


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