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Incubated by ESI Design, the ESC Game Theater is the next video game platform - a proprietary gaming system where dozens of players can play together in the same venue.

Experience the world's only multi-player video game theater.

Take a giant video screen and add it to an open space filled with leading-edge interactive technology, music, lighting, special effects and energy. Most importantly, add super-fun, custom-created games and the transformative power of experience design. Finally, pack it with people and behold something that’s much more than a game: it’s an immersive, multi-player game theater concept that brings people together to play, socialize, collaborate and compete like never before.

What makes the ESC Game Theater concept so unique? First of all—it’s all live, with an MC leading the fun and excitement for up to 30 people in an unparalleled play space complete with surround sound, expansive screens and HD graphics, coordinated theater-style lighting, music and special effects. Players, armed with iPod-based controls, can team up for collaborative and competitive games like Robot Basketball, custom-designed by ESI, to experience play in a whole new way.

Sounds like child’s play, perhaps, but the creation of this innovative new concept, developed by ESI Design for rollout at entertainment and retail venues, involved years of highly creative design exploration and testing. The process ultimately led us to develop a proprietary, patent-pending platform in order to bring it all to the next level. The result? The kind of experience and interactive activity and game design that has exceeded even our own high standard of what a truly interactive, immersive experience should be.

Play and games have always been at the core of the immersive, interactive experiences ESI Design imagines and creates, but they’ve never been more innovative—and social—than at this first-of-its-kind, live, multiplayer gaming concept.

ESC Game Theater is such an exciting, high-energy, high-tech gaming environment that the Bergen Record had to check out the just-opened play experience for themselves at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. Watch the coverage of the new game theater here.

To learn more, visit the ESC Game Theater website, where you can find the latest locations, join the fun and even learn about the the unique, custom-designed games you can’t find—or play—anywhere else.

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"Playing alongside other people was palpably different from my experiences in VR."

Noah Robischon

Fast Company

30-player game experience


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