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ESI created a new model for a residential sales center, called The Welcome Home Center, that puts the emphasis on long-term customer relationships rather than on a moment of purchase transaction.

ESI integrated the previously separate functions of sales, design, and community-building into one setting.

What differentiates the St. Joe Company from more traditional real estate developers is a commitment to creating authentic, well-designed communities that enhance the lives of the people who live there. The company needed a sales center that reflected this commitment.

ESI created a new model for a sales center: The Welcome Home Center. The name represents the multiple functions taking place within the center and the different stages of entry of customers into the St. Joe community. The center welcomes new buyers, invites customers to design the homes of their dreams and engages residents in community events.

Designed to feel like a comfortable living space, the Welcome Center integrates a series of flexible physical spaces and a suite of media tools to support private sales, family design sessions and community events. An e-map tables enables customers to explore local cultural resources, lot availability and housing options, and e-posters illustrate vital aspects of community life through a dynamic (and easily customized) slideshow. Sales transactions occur around a comfortable kitchen table.

The first St. Joe Welcome Home Center opened in August 2006 in SouthWood, a family-oriented 3,300-acre neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida. It become a model
for the development of customer-oriented sales centers in other locales.

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“To St. Joe, a community is much more than a built environment or roads, homes, landscapes and amenities. It’s an authentic place that adds value to people’s lives, a place where they feel connected to one another.”

The St. Joe Difference

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