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Imagine looking through a wall

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Inside the building’s immense glass atrium ESI designed five 8-story LED columns that, when viewed together, create one epic canvas.

Beacon Capital Partners wanted to restore this iconic building to prominence and tasked ESI with reinvigorating it.

The Wells Fargo Center, designed by Philip Johnson in 1983, has always had an iconic presence on the Denver skyline because of its unique shape that resembles an antique cash register. ESI transformed and modernized the entry spaces while respecting the original building design.

The monolithic screens in the atrum display media inspired by the Mile High City’s natural wonders. Looking at the screens is like looking through slats in a fence to the landscape beyond. The custom content modes include:

• Colorado mountainscapes composed of Instagram mosaics
• Floor-to-ceiling waterfalls with spray that blows based on the city’s current wind patterns
• A grove of trees that change with the time of day and season
• A flock of birds that flies for hours and never repeats its flight pattern.
• Colorful ink drops swirling in slow-motion
• An animated representation of current weather, with hourly and four-day forecasts

The vibrant media installation is visible from outside through the glass atrium, breathing new life into the surrounding streetscape and drawing passersby into the experience. The Denver Post called it the city's "biggest piece of public art."

In addition to the LED installation, ESI Design created a more modern, social, and comfortable lobby for the building. New furniture and lighting nod to the Philip Johnson–designed environment while giving the space a more contemporary feel.

Read ESI Design’s press release about Wells Fargo Center.

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“The transformation of the Wells Fargo Center is outstanding, and we are very happy with the result.”

Cathy Mossman

Senior Vice President
Beacon Capital Partners

3,600 digital birds that never fly the same way


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